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RCC Building Construction

In the construction industry, when we refer to concrete, it means reinforced cement concrete (RCC) that is a combination of cement, sand, grit and water in a pre-defined proportion. When it comes to building a cost-effective and durable construction, reinforced cement is the only material most of the construction companies rely on. Here, this article talks about some important reasons why RCC building construction companies in Greater Noida prefer using this material in their construction projects.

Robust and Reliable:

With its high compressive strength because of the materials used proportionately, it is robust enough to bear harsh conditions for a long period of time. It can last up to 100 years if the materials are laid properly. Structures constructed using RCC are more capable to withstand severe circumstances like quakes and thunderstorms.


Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) can easily be molded in any form or shape to get suit any pre-defined frame. Therefore, it is an ideal material for an RCC building construction company in Greater Noida to use for architectural requirements in any constriction project.    

Climate and fire resistant

Concrete reinforced concrete is engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions reliably. The method of creating the mixture boosts its compressive and ductile strength to a great degree. You should not be worried about any architectural damages caused by weather and moisture, once the structure is constructed. It is more resistant to fire or heat than any other construction materials like wood and steel.

Cost-Effective Solution

RCC building construction companies in Greater Noida prefer using the concrete cement as a key material for their project because the cost is considerably lower as compared to other materials like pre-stressed concrete. It also seems to be a cost effective option because RCC is engineered to endure all types of forces such as compressive loads, ductile forces, and shear forces.

Easy Availability of Raw Materials:

The raw materials, like cement, water, grit, and sand used to create RCC, are easily available at the low cost, and they can be transported cost effectively from one place to another. When compared to other alternative option like Ready Mix Concrete, it is more viable.   

Need Minimum Excavation for Foundation Work

Unlike traditional brickworks, RCC doesn’t need deeper trenches to complete the foundation works. It needs minimal excavation to insert steel rods for reinforcement. These days, professional construction companies for RCC building in Greater Noida are using some new types of concretes like sulfur concrete, carbon concrete, lightweight concrete, etc. to meet different architectural needs.   

Minimum Labor Required

Reinforced concrete is a cost-effective material also because it needs minimum people to construct. Even more, you don’t need to look for skilled labors as the structure is already prepared mixing all the required materials in a right proportion. What your labors need to do is to get the materials applied as per the requirements.  

Virtually Minimum Maintenance Cost:

Reinforced concrete doesn’t need structural maintenance regularly. Once the concrete is positioned as required, you will hardly need any professional help to take care of the structure. A reliable RCC building construction company in Greater Noida has expertise in making the most out of it as per your requirements. Therefore, go for an experienced and skilled professional for your next construction project.