Sharma Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.


Our Company

Our Company

Sharma Buildtech Pvt Ltd serves both public and private sector clients and is comprised of many well-coordinated, highly professional teams located across the nation. We are best known for undertaking industrial, Residential & commercial infrastructure projects.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible service using our own qualified experienced personnel to successfully complete all projects within budget, on time and without any lost time injuries. Unusual among large contractors, SBPL is equally effective at building both large and small jobs through its two operating divisions, from small site developments to massive projects. As such, we also spend considerable time and energy building the foundation for a SBPL that will be prospering 20 years in the future. Our Code of Conduct speaks to the best of who we are and is integral to our continuing efforts to build the character of our workforce and our company. In addition, we take pride in building quality projects and value for our customers, as well as rewarding careers for our employees. We in turn have built strong partnerships with a host of suppliers, subcontractors, banks, insurance companies, surety companies and most importantly with customers as well. The foundation for all these relationships is mutual trust and respect earned from many years of adherence to SBPL’s Code of Conduct.

SBPL’s Core Values represent who we are and provide, without question, the standard of behavior by which we conduct business. These values are the heart, soul, and character of SBPL. Our Code embodies the vision of our company founders and encompasses the values that have been and will continue to be vital to the future success of the Company. Our Core Values represent how we treat each other, how we deal with our customers, how we respond to our clients, and how we hold each other and ourselves accountable. This is the legacy we will leave for generations to come.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and environmental planning are helping us to be both good neighbors and an environmentally responsible contractor.

Our Expertise

At SBPL, we build factories and complexes that represent the best in modern day architecture. Industrial expertise is imbibed in every project we undertake and reflects strong planning and aesthetic designs. We have understood the need for modern and hassle free living in the contemporary period therefore; luxurious facilities are the hallmark of our projects. Every aspect of our projects blends in harmony with nature and the natural surroundings.

Quest for Value Creation

SBPL aims to create and deliver value based services every time we decide on any project. Our every project incorporates the finest utilities and facilities that are designed with concerns to the needs of our clients. Our commitment to value-creation is one major factor that sets us apart from our competitors and imparts a unique feel and experience to each of our projects.

Our Market Position

A key feature of all our construction activities is our strategic focus and special emphasis on each project. This agenda of SBPL has positioned us in an exclusive group of construction companies in the national capital region. We thereby, also stood out as one amongst a few construction companies with the capability to plan and deliver the complexities, comforts and conveniences demanded by clients with diverse requirements

Dedicated Management

The top management and directors of SBPL play a very important and dynamic role in keeping the performance of the company consistent, successfully accomplishing new projects and delivering the best of industrial projects and services to its discerning customers and clients. We are managed and staffed by highly experienced, technically top-of-the-line professionals with years of experience in the construction business.

We are supported by experts in various departments that include- architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, finance, administration as well as business management and man – management. The entire team and staff work together towards achieving its short term and long-term goals.